9. 柯宏慧 KO Director

Ko, Horng-Huey 


Chair of School of Pharmacy

      • Specialty:Natural Products Chemistry , 

             Medicinal Chemistry , 

             Cosmetic Active Ingredients Development

      • Office/Extension:N1015/#2643
      • CV 


Huang, Yaw-Bin


      • Specialty:Pharmaceutics Science

          Clinical Pharmacy 


Wu, Pao-Chu


      • Specialty:Drug delivery system
      • Office/Extension:N617/#2660
      • CV

 15. 楊世群

 Yang, Shyh-Chyun 


      • Specialty:Organometallic Chemistry 

       Medicinal Chemistry

       Heterocyclic Chemistry

       Natural Products Chemistry

       Functional Food , and New Drug Development

Associate Professor

 27. 吳信昇 S 44105730

Wu, Shihn-Sheng

Associate Professor

      • Specialty:Chiral separation and optical purity analysis of

              Analysis of stereoisomers

              Synthesis of analytical Reagent

              Community pharmaceutical care(hypertension,
        smoking cessation)

             Pharmacoeconomic evaluations
      • Office/Extension:N519/#2647
      • CV

18. 201757杉林黃吉祥家 林双金

Lin, Shun-Jin

Associate Professor

      • Specialty:Gas chromatography

          Drug and toxic analysis

          Clinical Pharmacy rmaceutical care(hypertension,
          diabetes,smoking cessation)

          Pharmacoeconomic evaluations


Lin, Ying-Chi

Associate Professor

      • Specialty:Infectious disease
      • Office/Extension:N612/#2012
      • CV

9. 藥學系吳育澤

Wu, Yu-Tse

Associate Professor

      • Specialty: Preclinical pharmacokinetics (In-vivo ADME,
              drug-drug interaction)

               HPLC-based bioanalytical method development

              Drug delivery system design
      • Office/Extension:N614/#2254
      • CV


Chang, Hsun-Shuo

Associate Professor

      • Specialty:Chemical constituents and bioactivities of
                Formosan plants

              Purification and identification of bioactive
              constituents of 
        endophytic fungi from

             Formosan endemic plants
      • Office/Extension:N713/#2664
      • CV


Fang, Yi-Ping

Associate Professor

      • Specialty:Pharmaceutical formulation

   Drug delivery Systems Nanomedicine


19. 陳崇鈺


Chen, Chung-Yu

Associate Professor

      • Specialty:Clinical pharmacy、

             Outcome research

             Qualitative  research

             Evidence-based medicine


   Healthy economics

 25. 個人照王俊棋

Wang, Chun-Chi

Associate Professor

      • Specialty:Pharmaceutical analysis

             Genetic analysis

             Capillary electrophoresis

             Bioapplications of nanoparticles

      • Office/Extension:N542/#2253
      • CV

 22. 林宏糧

Lin, Hong-Liang

Associate Professor

      • Specialty:Development and Design of drug dosage form

Drug delivery system


Industrial pharmacy

Development of modified release dosage forms
(extended-release, prolonged-release, controlled-
release, slow release and sustained-release)

Assistant Professor

 28. 溫燕霞 S 44097547

Wen, Yen-Hsia

Assistant Professor

      • Specialty:Pharmaceutical Analysis

          Food Analysis

      Pharmacy Administration and Regulating Law

 23. 柯黃盛照片

Kou, Hwang-Shang

Assistant Professor

      • Specialty: Pharmaceutical and toxicant analysis

              Chromatographic analysis (GC & HPLC)

      • Office/Extension:N517/#2223
      • CV


Gan, Kim-Hong

Assistant Professor 

      • Specialty:Medicinal chemistry

             Drug design and semisynthesis of bioactive natural

             Isolation of bioactive constituents from Formosan

      • Office/Extension:N721/#2671
      • CV


Chen, Yu-Chang

Assistant Professor

      • Specialty:Natural Product Chemistry

             Medicinal Botany

      • Office/Extension:N714/#2191
      • CV

12. 教師牆圖片1林千如

Lin, Chein-Ju

Assistant Professor

      • Specialty:The Chinese materia medica

             Anti-cancer and anti-viral research of natural      products

             Pharmacological and molecular biological studies
             of natural products

      • Office/Extension:N715/#2122
      • CV

 Pic Kun Pin Hsieh

Hsieh, Kun-Pin

Assistant Professor

      • Specialty:Clinical Pharmacy


      • Office/Extension:N630/#2006
      • E-mail:
      • CV

 張值維 一吋照片

Chang, William Chih-Wei

Assistant Professor

      • Specialty:Sports drug testing


      Chromatography & mass spectrometry;

      Functional examination of herbal & nutritional aids



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