A degree in Pharmacy from Koahshiung Medical University prepares and students for careers in industry, research, hospitals or community pharmacy. Pharmacists assume a wide variety of specializations within the health care field. The majority of licensed pharmacists work in community pharmacies where they have responsibilities in medication and health care of the general community. Licensed pharmacists may also work in hospitals, in posts of research and teaching, and in the pharmaceutical industry. Whereas hospital pharmacists are primarily responsible for assuring the appropriate use of medicine by hospitalized patients, research pharmacists are generally involved in the development of new medicines and dosage forms, in the determination of how medicines alleviate disease, and in the assessment of the social and economic factors influencing the use of medicines. Like teacheres, they may be involved in the education of pharmacy students and pharmacy technicians. Industrial pharmacists may work on sales drug information, regulatory affairs, production, quality control or research within the Pharmaceutical industry. Government departments with public health concerns also employ pharmacists in analytical toxicology laboratories, as inspectors, health supplies officers or in the armed forces.


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