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Wu, Pao-Chu                                                                    

Professor/Chair of School of Pharmacy Drug delivery system 2660 CV
Wu, Shou-Mei Professor /Dean of College of Pharmacy


Instrumental Analysis


Bioanalytical Technology (Drugs, Genes, and Proteins)


2164 tw CV
Li, Jih-Heng Professor 


Environmental Medicine

Drug Abuse

Health Policy 
2651 CV
Huang, Yaw-Bin Professor

Pharmaceutics Science

Clinical Pharmacy 
2166 CV
Chung, Mei-Ing Professor 

Medicinal Chemistry

Drug design & semisynthesis

of bioactive natural products

Drug discovery & isolation

of bioactive constituents

from Formosan plants
2672 CV
Yang, Yi-Hsin Professor 

Research data management


Clinical trials

Cancer epidemiology

Oral health, areca quid and oral cancer epidemiology Biostatistics (teaching and consultant) 
2262 CV
Yang, Shyh-Chyun Professor

Organometallic Chemistry , Medicinal Chemistry,

Heterocyclic Chemistry , Natural Products Chemistry,

Functional Food , and New Drug Development

2662 CV
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