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Wu,  Shihn-Sheng                                  
Associate Professor

 Chiral separation and

 optical purity analysis of drugs

 Analysis of stereoisomers

 Synthesis of analytical Reagent

 Community pharmaceutical

 care(hypertension, diabetes,

 smoking cessation)

Pharmacoeconomic evaluations
2647 tw CV
Yen, Ming-Hong Associate Professor



Original Identification of Traditional Chimese Medicine (TCM)

Research and development of herbal health food gent

 Community pharmaceutical

 care(hypertension, diabetes,

 smoking cessation)

Pharmacoeconomic evaluations
2665 CV
Lin, Shun-Jin Associate Professor

 Gas chromatography,Drug and

 toxic analysis

Clinical Pharmacy rmaceutical

 care(hypertension, diabetes,

 smoking cessation)

Pharmacoeconomic evaluations
2652 CV
Lin, Ying-Chi Associate Professor Infectious disease  2012 CV
Tung, Chun-Wei Associate Professor Bioinformatics, Computational Toxicology, Pattern Recognition, Evolutionary Computation  2316 CV
Wu, Yu-Tse Associate Professor


 pharmacokinetics (In-vivo

 ADME, drug-drug interaction)

 HPLC-based bioanalytical

 method development

Drug delivery system design 
2254 CV
Wang, Chia-Chi Associate Professor Immunotoxicology and immunopharmacology  Immunomodulatory effects of natural products  2653 CV
Tseng, Chih-Hua Associate Professor

Synthesis and characterization

 of medicinally active heterocyclic


 Development of new

 synthetic methodologies for

 the synthesis of natural


 Pharmacological studies of

 newly synthesized

heterocyclic compounds 
2163 CV
Chang,Hsun-Shuo Associate Professor

Chemical constituents and

 bioactivities of Formosan plants

 Purification and identification of

 bioactive constituents of

 endophytic fungi from

Formosan endemic plants 
2664 tw CV
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