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Wen, Yen-Hsia                                               

Assistant Professor 

 Pharmaceutical Analysis Food


   Pharmacy Administration and

 Regulating Law
2165 tw  CV


Assistant Professor

 Pharmaceutical and toxicant


 Chromatographic analysis

(GC & HPLC) 
2223  CV
Gan, Kim-Hong  Assistant Professor 

 Medicinal chemistry

 Drug design and semisynthesis

 of bioactive natural product

 Isolation of bioactive constituents

from Formosan plants
2671 CV
Fang, Yi-Ping Assistant Professor

Pharmaceutical formulation

Drug delivery Systems Nanomedicine 
2261 CV
Chen, Chung-Yu Assistant Professor

1. Clinical pharmacy

2. Outcome research

3. Qualitative research

4. Evidence-based medicine

5. Pharmacoepidemiology

6. Healthy economics

2375 CV
Wang, Chun-Chi Assistant Professor

Pharmaceutical analysis

Genetic analysis

Capillary electrophoresis

Bioapplications of nanoparticles


Chen, Yu-Chang Assistant Professor

1. Natural Product Chemistry

2. Medicinal Botany


Lin, Chien-Ju Assistant Professor

The Chinese materia medica

Anti-cancer and anti-viral research of 

natural products

Pharmacological and molecular

biological studies of natural products



Hsieh, Kun-Pin

Assistant Professor

Clinical Pharmacy


2006 CV
Lin, Hong-Liang Assistant Professor Development and Design of drug dosage form, Drug delivery system, Pharmaceutics, Industrial pharmacy, Development of modified release dosage forms (extended-release, prolonged-release, controlled-release, slow release and sustained-release) 2656 CV
Chang, William Chih-Wei Assistant Professor Sports drug testing; Metabolomics; Chromatography & mass spectrometry; Functional examination of herbal & nutritional aids 2653 CV
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